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Tica Fishing Rods

Are you digging for a new fly rod? Or want to buy an used one? Fishing rods are just what you need! This model is an 3-4 size fly rod, which is unrivalled for and other smallmouth bass, the tc3-2 is a new type of fly rod, which is designed for use with smallmouth bass. It's straightforward to handle and makes a breeze.

Tica Surf Casting Fishing Rod

The m2 S hlhb series salmon steelhead rods are first-class way for smooth, fastaction fishing, these rods are made with high-quality, durable, mortise and design that makes them best-in-class for any fishing setting. This fishing rod is top-notch for suitors who yearn to fish and are wanting for a good value, it is fabricated from durable materials that will never tarnish or lose their shape which is unrivalled for enthusiasts who like to take all the advantage of the season. The samira surf fishing rod series 80 - medium spinning 2 piece is a peerless surrogate for lovers who yearn to have a good time without breaking the bank, the fishing rods is a world-renowned fishing rod company based in the tyee classic t is a medium-weight fishing rod made of heavy-duty neoprene for serious fishing. It features aweano-ek-shinology technology which helps to reduce stress on the blade by providing v-shaped quill ended in long claws, the quill end is designed to pick up line and reduce drag on the blade while the end is ross-created with a hanger on top for basic access to the reeds. Sure-grip fishing rod, the hlhb alaska salmon steelhead fishing rod series 86 is a heavy casting, steelhead fishing rod. It renders a thick construction that will last long with use, the rod offers a billing length of 2. 5 ft and is 1, 5 ft tall. It is topped with a black "tica" logo, this rod is practical for folks wanting for a large cast.