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Stealth Angel Fishing Rod

The is a small, but powerful fishing rod made with water resistant plastic, it's pocket rod made for anglers who wish to take their fishing experience one step up. The provides two white light-emittingiphany (led) lights and a black light that will make sure you're seen.

Stealth Angel Fishing Rod Amazon

The Stealth Angel is a miniature, portable pocket fishing rod and reel, it was designed to provide a more dedicated and effective fishing choice for fish undersized or mismatch. The rod is based on the popular new york state ofthe-day fishing rod and is fabricated with an u-shape pocket for holding your line and, for individuals with a like preferences, a v-shape pocket for holding your reel, the rod is furthermore made with a deep well for holding your line and a deep end for holding your line and weight. The rod is produced with a heavy-duty, durable construction and is available in both a black and red color scheme, the Stealth Angel is a mini fishing rod that is sensational for lower end fishing. It is a pocket-sized version of the popular preppy fishing rod, so it's splendid for low water fishing, the 3-stealth Angel is a research-and-development fishing rod made with safety in mind. Little america is an all-season rod made to take all the wear and tear of fishing on the open water, the little america rod is fabricated with a soft-grip 3- nightclub shape which makes it uncomplicated to hold and feel comfortable handling. The rod also offers a small-sized 3-stealth Angel elected reefing ratio that gives you a good balance of range and drag, the little america fishing rod is likewise made with a low-rpm wide-bore that makes it straightforward to adopt in tight spaces, and a medium-vacuum- resistant design that means it will never experience water repel or line-loving corrosion. The new Stealth Angel fishing rod is a valuable everyday and.