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Shakespeare Firebird Fishing Rod

The Shakespeare Firebird is a medium action spinning rod that is first-class for it is manufactured with a heavy-duty construction and a facile to operate controls, making it a straightforward to handle and accurate rod, the Firebird also features a spinning seat, making it best-in-class for beginners as well as experienced fishing professionals.

Shakespeare Firebird Fishing Rod Amazon

The Shakespeare Firebird is a popular fished rod and reel combination, it is a two piece spinning fishing rod with an 56 lb pull. The rod is produced of stainless steel with a black anodized aluminum handle, the rod is spinning at 10 lb, making it a good surrogate for first time fishing. The Shakespeare Firebird is a beautiful fish, it is a medium to large size and offers a beautiful green body and wings. It is additionally a very strong fish and can be kept in a rod is produced from heavy gauge wire and presents a black anodize finish, the cross-head trout post is of medium size and the handle is comfortable to hold. The Shakespeare Firebird match combo is an unequaled fishing rod for both novice and experienced fisherman alike, this model is combination of a Firebird rod and a regular rod with combo providing peerless reach and stability for pouncing fish. The black and yellow color scheme is sure to complement any water color, the Shakespeare Firebird is an excellent spinning fishing rod for admirers digging for a high-quality rod for fire-based fishing. Made from premium materials, the Shakespeare Firebird is sturdy and effective, making it a first-class way for the most serious with its well-crafted design, the Shakespeare Firebird is outstanding for shoppers digging to fire up their fishing game.