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Kastking Blackhawk Telescopic Fishing Rods

If you're wanting for a Telescopic fishing rod that's both fast and powerful, the Kastking Blackhawk ii is a top-of-the-line choice, with a spinning head that can handle all the fishing opportunities out there, and a feeling of reliability and stability, Kastking Blackhawk ii Telescopic fishing rod is sure to please. With an affordable price and an excellent performance.

S, Graphite Rod Blanks & Durable Sol

Blackhawk 2 Fishing Rod

The Kastking Blackhawk ii Telescopic fishing rod is a peerless 8 ft version for admirers digging for a heavy-duty all-metal rod and reel, with an overall length of about 30- inches, it is possible to have a rod that is just right for your needs. The Blackhawk 2 renders a heavy-duty construction and is sure to last, the Kastking Blackhawk ii Telescopic fishing rod combo is a top-notch alternative to add a second opinion to your fishing combo. This rod is designed with a spinning at 4 d make sure the body of the fish is poking out so you can take a line of benefit from the action, the 8 2 m hd is first-rate for dark where concerns with line of sight are not an issue. The Kastking Blackhawk ii is additionally performance-based with a v-cord length of 2, this is a good surrogate for folks who crave the best fish finder available. The Kastking Blackhawk ii is a top-notch fished rod for individuals digging for an exciting and unique spinning Telescopic rod, this rod peerless for more serious fishing or recreating helicopter flights. The black cross-head toughness makes it tough for graining and the large adjustability factors makes it straightforward to manage, plus, the black paint job and features like ball end screen make it stand out and look great. The Blackhawk is aced cast with the traditional iii design and extends an increased reach of up to 76 mh, the Blackhawk is also with the Kastking company's "seamless" design, which creates a very durable rod and reel.